Tango Noir, 24x24x1.5 acrylic on canvas     600

Pianist, 36x54x1.5, oil on linen,  3400

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Chocolate Covered Cherry, 28x22x.75 oil on textured canvas, edges are painted  615

Le Triumphe Bleu, 48x24 oil on canvas

Violoncelle Voluptueuse, 36x24x.75 acrylic on textured canvas 750

Moon, Lovers, Lutes 36x24x.75 oil on textured canvas 750

Le Violoncelle de Cobalt avec un Chat, 30x15x1.5 oil on canvas

Blue Salsa, 34x54x1.5 oil on textured canvas 2200

Moonlit Lute, 50x29x.75 oil on textured canvas 1350

La Lune Lumiere Bleue, 50x20x.75 oil on textured canvas, diamond dust 1350

Eclipse Lunaire, 50x20x.75 oil on textured canvas, diamond dust 1350

Lady in Red, 24x24x.75, oil on canvas 600

Sonata in Bleu, 24x24x.75 oil on linen 600

Endormies, 30x48x1.5 oil on canvas 1400

Melting Jazz, 48x36x1.5 oil on canvas      1500

Pantone Boots, 36x24x.75 oil on canvas, 750

Blues Guitar, 36x24x1.5 oil on canvas 750

Virtuoso, 39x35x1.5 oil on canvas 1500

Dance with Me, 48x30x1.5 acrylic on canvas, 1500

Indigo Blues, 48x30x1.5 oil on canvas , 1800 


La Fraicheur Tango, 34x56x1.5 oil on textured canvas   2500

Two to Tango 1, 46x20x1.5 acrylic on canvas 900

'Reves Roses' oil on canvas (3) 50x14x.75  3000

Solar Muse, 50x20x.75 oil on canvas 1500

​Lunar Muse, 50x20x.75 oil on canvas 1500

Muse with an Orb, 50x20x.75  oil on canvas 1500

Serenity, 32x54x1.5 oil on canvas 2200

Two to Tango 2, 46x20x1.5 acrylic on canvas 900

Cool  Jazz, 24x48x1.5 oil on canvas 1200

Copa Cabana, 50x28x1.5 oil on canvas 1500

Red Cello, Tuba, 48x36x.75 oil on canvas 1500


all stretched and edges are painted