'The Tango ' 25x25x1/5 oil on canvas  500

The closest thing I do to Plein Air painting, I take photo's while I'm out and about then paint from 2 or 3 photos to create a painting back at the studio

Artist in his Studio  30x24x.75 oil on canvas  600

The Beach, 30x40x1.5 oil on canvas  950

Un Journée à la Plage, 36x60x1.5 oil on canvas  2200

Wine on the Veranda, 36x24x.75 oil on canvas  750

Tango Street, 47x36x1.5 acrylic on canvas.  1350

Brisa Atlantica, 24x36x1.5, oil on canvas  750

The Ave, 24x36x1.5 oil on canvas  750

Sparkly Dress 12x12x.75 oil on canvas, 400

Kevro's Art Bar, 36x24x.75 oil on canvas  750

Happy Hour, 36x24x.75 oil on canvas  750

The Coffee Shop, 36x24x.75 oil on canvas 


Atlantic Ave, 24x48x1.5 oil on canvas, 1100

Pretty Poison, 36x18x1.5 acrylic on canvas  600

Cafe's, Bars, Dancers