La Duree de Vie Moyenne d'un Papillon ( The average lifespan of a butterfly) 48x70 (54x76 unstretched) 

oil on canvas, available unstretched so I can ship in a tube

Encore, 62x84 (not stretched) oil on canvas,  4500

Allons Danser, 40x72x1.5 oil on canvas      3800

Quia Angelicus Choris (Angelic Choir), 66x54x0 

this painting is not stretched, when it is the size will be 60x48x1.5 oil on canvas, silver and gold leaf, glitter, diamond dust

St. Raphael, Archangel 50x20x.75 oil on textured canvas

Chorus Angelorum,  56x46, not on stretchers, will need to be stretched, will be shipped rolled in a tube.

oil, gold & silver leaf on textured canvas

This page is about my latest series, which are large abstracts,  they are not stretched yet and will be shipped rolled in a tube. The buyer will have to have the painting stretched, most frame shops can do this.  I offer the large works this way to keep it risk free for my clients so if they want to return that is all included in this price. 

This series is a more subliminal, random style which I feel is the direction I'm naturally going.

La Vie est Belle en Couleurs Primaires, 56x84 oil on canvas        4500

One Last Tango, 55x78 not stretched, acrylic on canvas      4200

Reves Bleus, oil on canvas

58x83 not stretched

52x76x1.5 stetched

latest from my large abstract and bleu guys series.  It's about dreaming in color.

The many different shades of blue are