Eluethera, Bahamas  6x6 oil on board  150

Island Church, Man O War, 6x6 oil on board​  150

Coconut Path,  6x6 oil on board  150

The Beach, Red Reef Park, 12x12x1.25 acrylic on canvas  400

Last Call, 8x8 acrylic on board  160

Pineapple Blvd., 8x8 acrylic on board  160

Afternoon Fix, 8x8 acrylic on board  160

The Colony, Delray  10x8 acrylic on board  210

              Plein Air Paintings

                       small studies of the world around me​

                          People & Places

The Mall, 6x6 oil on mdf board 150

Path to Delray Beach 3, oil on 10x8 mdf   210

Coconuts 2, 12x12x.75 oil on canvas    400

Favorite View, 14x11x.75 acrylic on canvas  350

Wind Surfer, 8x8x.75 oil on canvas  160

Stan Street & Piano Bob at Cafe Tu Tu Tango 8x8 acrylic on board  160

Lincoln Road, 10x8 oil on board  210

SOBE,  10x8 oil on board  210

The Islands

The Beach

The Van Dyke Cafe, 14x11x.75 oil on canvas  350

The Private Beach, 6x6 acrylic on mdf board 150

Path to Delray Beach 2,  10x8 oil on mdf  210

Coconuts 1, 12x12x.75 oil on canvas    400

Path to Delray Beach 1, 10x8 oil on mdf board  210

The Seagull, 8x8x.75 acrylic  on canvas  160

32 EAST, 10x8 acrylic on board 210

Pete's Pub, 6x6 acrylic on mdf board 150

Path to Delray Beach 5, 6x6 oil on canvas panel 150

Swirly Waves, 10x10x.75 acrylic on canvas  250

Pigeon Toed Gull, 6x6 oil on board  150

Conch Man, Marsh Harbour, 6x6 oil on board 150

Path to the Beach, 8x8x.75 oil on canvas  160

Gigi's, 12x12x.75 acrylic on canvas