Indigo Blues, 48x30x1.5 oil on canvas

I have always had the urge to create with whatever was at hand. As a child I drew all the time, then at 11 received a fabulous oil paint set from my parents and have been painting ever since.
 When I got older I painted in bars, restaurants & the street.   I painted life, people, music, street scenes, trying to capture the feel, mood, energy.
I painted on a lot of different surfaces, wood, glass, metal, walls with oils, acrylics & pastels.  My scenes began to abstract, the reality was being slightly peeled away exposing the underlying energy, emotion and movement.  I want the viewer to feel the energy of that moment.
My abstractions of musicians and dancers have evolved into a style which could be referred to as "Rhythmic Cubism".  My palette ranges from raw earth tone harmonies to luscious crimson and scarlet to cerulean blues and deep ultramarine.   High contrast and the dynamic use of line add to the power of my work.

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