Naviguer dans les Vicissitudes de la Vie

84 x 114 inches loose canvas, oil and cold wax From my ongoing and newest series of abstract expressionist, very large paintings, This one is on loose canvas and will have to be stretched onto bars or framed. It is oil, cold wax, and paint markers. I have to say it was the most fun to work with these different things. I usually sketch something before I start to paint, but this one I just dove in and let my subconscious creative muse take over. The theme is about life and it’s ups & downs and how we navigate through difficult moments to reach the peaks and how to stay in a ‘beautiful state” no matter what is going on. It’s on loose canvas, it’s painted out to the edge so that once stretched the edges will be a continuance of the painting. A good framer can do this near you, also they may have other options to offer.