I started painting in bars, restaurants and the street, I painted life, people, music, street scenes. I painted on a lot of different surfaces, wood glass, metal, with oils, acrylics, pastels. My scenes started abstracting, which is life with the reality slightly peeled away to reveal the underlying energy, emotion,and movement.  When I paint dancers I want the viewer to feel the movement, when I paint musicians I want them to feel the music.


My abstractions of musicians and dancers have evolved into a style which could be referred to as “Rhythmic Cubism”. My palette ranges from raw earth tone harmonies to luscious crimson and scarlet to cerulean blues and deep ultramarine.  High contrast and the dynamic use of line add to the power of my work.


“My surrealistic world is converted into visual poetry inspired by passion, feelings and personal experiences.  I paint a divers and complete story.  Phrases are expressed in paint with very elaborate colors that reach the eyes of your soul.”